Lore Ny

Elven Thief


Level 1
Chaotic Neutral
Height 4’ 9"
Weight 76lbs

STR 11/34
INT 10/13
WIS 8/66
DEX 14/66
CON 6/21
LKS 17/15
CHA 15/33

HP: 14
Armor worn: none
Weapons: Dagger


I wasn’t always a thief…but what’s an elf to do when the world changes and people stop adoring me and start stalking me (not in a good way in a hungry crazed wanting blood way). Needless to say I must support myself now and well it is a great way to entertain myself. You never know what you might find in someones pocket; listening to conversations, climbing aloft something and observing the races…I’m new at this and have skills to learn but I’m very capable, more capable than any other race we elves are!
I’ve found myself in a party of adventurers as travelling alone is extremely boring.

Lore Ny

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