Frandor's Keep

Session 2
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Fleeing the chaos and destruction created by the rage, Lore, Marcus, Grimm and a mysterious figure known only as “the mage” have arrived in the town of Vew. Stuck in the Green Griffyn Inn awaiting the mud on the road to dry, they are approached by a foppish artist who begs for their help. For a meager 25sp the party accepts their task of tracking down some stolen lead. Aided by a map from Belipar the artist the heroes quickly finds the wreckage of the caravan and the grisly remains of the guards. The wagon is found a mere 20 yards from the road. As the heroes search the cart and begin to track the footprints leading into the forest they are encircled by a pack of hungry wolves. As Grimm wades thru the wolves, sending them fleeing one by one, Lore is fighting for her life, saved by luck more than once. The mage proves to be an easy target and nearly dies. Marcus, managing to keep a wolf at bay but unable to dispatch it, rushes to the mages aid and gets him back on his feet. Thanks to Grimm, the wolves all flee or are killed. However the price is high. The party limps back into town to lick their wounds and regroup.

Each party member recieved 60xp


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