Marcus Morr

Human Cleric lvl 1


Level: 1
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron God: The Guardian

Hit Points: 25

STR: 12.96
INT: 14.00
WIS: 14.00
DEX: 9.04
CON: 9.82
LKS: 9.77
CHA: 6.29
Honor: 3

Weapon: Long Sword & Small Shield


Marcus Morr’s promotion to the rank of full on cleric occurred only recently. Before he joined the church he was actually quite a thorn in the side of the local community. Abandoned at a young age, Marcus was raised by a wilderness sect of the Messengers of Liberty. He did not take to their ways for some time but it was his expression of independence that spurred his masters to continue their dedicated training. Over time Marcus became a model student and excelled in his faith. With his awakening came the duty to promote happiness and defend freedom for all walks of life. Marcus Morr is the ambassador and foe hammer of The Guardian.

Marcus Morr

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