Elven Mage lvl 1


Hit Points: 17
Spell Points: 140
Quirk: Superstitious (unlucky number 1)
Flaw: Allergic to some foods (beets)


True Neutral

Racial Adjustments:

-2 Strength
+2 Dexterity
-4 Constitution
+2 Looks
+2 Charisma


07/06 Strength
16/17 Intellect
12/23 Wisdom
13/52 Dexterity
10/03 Constitution
10/39 Looks
19/17 Charisma

21 Honor

Memorized Spells:

Apprentice: Fire Finger
Journeyman: Yudder’s Whistle of Hells Gate
First Level: Scorch


I am Keth’mar of the Lands of the Winds. I was raised by a secret society of female Mages. I was abandoned at their door as an infant and am but one of a handful of males raised by them over the years. My main “mother” instructed me in the arts of the magician throughout my childhood and young adulthood. She passed away when I was at the tender age of 204. The Society, as was their custom in these matters, immediately bade me farewell to start my own path through life. A parting gift was my “mother’s” stave with instructions that it’s hidden properties would be revealed as I matured in the arts of the Mage.

I find myself in the company of other seekers of their way in life. A disgusting Dwarf and Human……for crying out loud! However… was a good thing they were on their toes when the wolves tried to have us for dinner. And the Elven girl? Still learning her crafts as we all are. Her beauty will drive men mad….including me.


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